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14th April 2018, 04:00 PM

Bare with me now. Excuse my ignorance of terms and abbreviations associated with this activity. SO, I am trying to understand how to extract my elapsed photos captured from my M80 so I can place them into my movie making program called " Pinnacle Ultimate15 HD " where they can be stitched together with other photo media in the process of making a full length movie. I want to do presentations of wildlife caught on trailcams and handhelds. I have some experience in this, as I have already presented a less-than-perfect movie utilizing early cams with poor quality specs. Now, however, with my HD cams it's much nicer. But, my Moultrie M80s in PLOT STALKER mode confuse me when it comes to saving sections into 200 frame clips. First off after the selection is made and the clip is rendered where does it go ? I thought it might be easier for me to just convert the MLT files to jpeg and move them to Pinnacle. Eventually all my accumulated photo and video files wind up there anyway so I can use them in a movie. Can the "SCOUTING ASSISTANT" program accomplish the conversion from MLT to jpeg ?

Please help.

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