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12th April 2007, 11:17 AM
WHOOOAAAA...good idea ni.. buat cenggini best eik??Seperti biasa hanty suka berimiginasi...dan kali ini mempunyai kenderaan pacuan empat roda dgn penuh equipments untuk photography..diluar kenderaan tertulis..Zain n Associates on the Go....kwang2..amboi, korang cebik2 eik??tak per...takper....kasican, tapi kalau jadi realiti esok2...jgn nyesal!!hanty masa tu dah tak kenal ngan korang semua...

hanty zaing

Digital photography on the go

Pixel Foundry, a hosting facility for independent photographers, recently launched a Pixel Pro on the Go hire division which services the requirements of local and international teams on location through a mobile photographic digital solution.

Branded as Pixelpro on the Go, the custom-fitted Toyota Quantum is fully equipped to support the growing demand for on-site digital production.

“The arrival of the digital medium and the demanding timelines of modern production have impacted upon the photographer’s production requirements. Our mobile edit suite ultimately ensures all photographic needs and results come together on location”, says Dave Todd, Pixel Foundry’s production manager.

The minibus includes a driver and is custom-fitted with computer processing gear, various options of Phase one and Hasselblad digital capture equipment, a built-in flush toilet, air-conditioning, clothes rails, heavy duty roofrack, fold-out work station, rollout awning and 3KV generator.

In-house trained digital operators, who are available for hire with the gear, ensure the equipment is used effectively with optimum benefits. The hire options are flexible and can be specifically set up to meet the needs of the shoot.

“Even though the hire division was recently introduced into the market, Pixel Foundry began marketing its production offerings some time ago. South African, French and German teams have already raved at the quality, functionality and convenience of our digital solution,” enthuses Todd.

“As we increase our footprint in these markets we are looking to further expanding our facilities and equipment. Pixel Foundry has established and looks forward to continuing close working relationship with SAASP members,” he concludes.

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12th April 2007, 11:20 AM
saye nak dok seat blakang sambil minum kopi panas... sementara hantie bwak kete pacuan 4 roda tuh... hehehe bole hantie???

12th April 2007, 11:34 AM
kakkaka aunty saya baru dok imagine mobile studio semalam sekali aunty post menda alah nie wakakakkaka....