View Full Version : Robots all it'd take is OSRS gold

12th October 2019, 04:41 PM
Really without these robots all it'd take is OSRS gold (https://www.rsgoldfast.com/) a couple of members of this clan leaping thru alts assessing who is around.obviously that the bot permits the capability to paste all of the information immediately into discord. However, the act of leaping through the worlds with a modded customer + addon would create precisely the identical results.if Jagex actually did shut this down over is a simple alternative method. Would be the same thing but there are a person.

A scout bot was produced by me in the past. It would hop all worlds and monitor all skulled runecrafters at border with their approx risk and combat amounts, and send that data to my meteor web server which would real time display that info, have a slick material ui design, and have a bounch of filters, and anyone might have used it Buy Rs gold (https://www.rsgoldfast.com/). So I published a link to where I hosted it on a great deal of forums but I received just some fantastic commemts, some terrible saying its a hack or scam, and got banned on few clan forums. So I shut the project. PS you didnt have to put in anything, it was just a site with real time data.

Obviously I don't really enjoy any kind of botting but I'll agree with him that this isn't as bad as skilling bots or green monster bots. At the end of the day, when you enter revs you know what you're risking and you realize there's always a possibility of getting pked. You can not be sympathetic to individuals who get pked after accepting their entire bank into revs.

I know why folks pk at revs I never said that I do not understand why, I only said I don't care about the people who go into multis by themselves and eliminate everything, you understand what you are risking when you go into revs.I'm sort of a new player also, I used to play in 06 but I got back into RS this past year and haven't even really got around to pking yet because my account is not really prepared for this but if I wished to pk I would not attempt to practice at a multi area.