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31st May 2007, 02:57 PM
Hi Guys,

When I started out I certainly made the mistake of not
recognising my own value. I'm sure many of us are the same.
I've pulled together a few words to prompt you not to make
this same mistake.

Recognise your own value

Sit down one day and appraise your list of charges and decide if
you charge enough for the quality and service you are providing.
As a starting point, check the web sites and price lists of
other photographers in your area, and make sure your prices are
generally similar to theirs. Unless your prices are way above
those of other photographers, you will seldom lose a prospect on
price alone.

Work on the cheap and your prospective clients won't value your

Like many photographers I'm dismayed at the low value placed on
our services by some of those clients seeking a photographer.

When you meet with the bride and show her samples of your work,
she immediately recognises the value of your creative images. In
some cases this can send her into internal confusion because she
has just seen something she wants. In this lies the dilemma; she
has only budgeted perhaps two thirds of what she needs to pay to
contract your photographic services.

In this type of situation, it is often best to let a bride
leave, and give her time to adjust. She has painstakingly worked
out a budget and has been focused on those figures for weeks. It
is impractical to expect her to resign herself to paying 33%
more than the cost she estimated. People simply do not reorder
their thoughts that quickly. If you allow her time to adapt and
rework the numbers, there's a very good chance she'll call you

In reality what happens to many photographers is that they worry
that if they let her go she may not call back. So you lower your

Her wedding day comes and goes, you deliver the shots, and she
loves it. You're thrilled she's happy. Then what happens? Next
year when her sister's or friends are getting married they come
back and want the same album and shots for the same discounted

This is the vicious cycle we create for ourselves and from which
we need to break free. There will be times when you have to let a
bride go because she truly can't afford you. That is just the
nature of business.

For those of you who still can't say no because of your kind
hearts, it's also important to note that when you give a bride a
discount, I assure you, the money she's saving is not going into
a fund for her children's education. That money is going to
another service provider.

In business there is definitely a place for incentives,
specials, and give-aways. However, if you are undercharging to
begin with these tactics can lead to business suicide.
The practice of under-pricing ourselves contributes to a low
perceived value of photography, which affects everyone in this
industry. When we lower our price it sends a message to our
clients that we were not worth what we were charging to begin
with. We cheapen ourselves, and in today's society, products
that are cheap are not held in high regard.

If you can charge what you're worth you will increase your
perceived value which will improve your image, which in turn
will bring you more business and respect. Each individual
photographer that can improve their image will benefit
themselves and help to raise the perceived value of wedding
photography in general, to the benefit of all.

Hope you find this reminder useful!

Best regards

67 Strathleven Drive
United Kingdom

16th February 2008, 07:06 AM
terima kasih en silmi for the tips

16th February 2008, 08:05 AM
Bobby's write up is applicable to any service provider..persaingan dalam perniagaan memberi perkhidmatan mana2 pun waimma khidmat urut kaki di kaki lima, jgnlah sampai nak terpeleot jari ngurut masih charge 2-3 hinggit jer :wink: thanks silmi :wink:

16th February 2008, 08:41 AM
utk lebih senang dan efisyen adalah base on market and demand... kalau market tgh banyak kita kena demand dan kalau market dah kurang jgn lah demand sgt... kalau pesaing kita harga dia tinggi jgn la bit harga rendah dgn alasan brg dia lebih kualiti, makna nya kita jual brg yg tak berkualiti ke?