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Thread: Ninja Slug Discovered in Borneo

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    Ninja Slug Discovered in Borneo

    Good news for conservationists as over 120 new species have been discovered in a protected part of Borneo, including the longest stick insect in the world, a lungless frog and a slug that shoots love darts into his mate during a bizarre courting ritual. The weird and wonderful creatures have all been discovered thanks to the Heart of Borneo project, established in 2007, reports Britain's The Guardian. The initiative was set in place to protect and conserve 220,000 square kilometers of lush rainforest on the island and according to a new report by leading conservation organization, World Wildlife Fund, it has resulted in the exciting discovery of 123 new species ... so far.

    The rare yellow-green ibycus rachelae slug has been dubbed the ninja slug after its mating ritual was discovered to include firing "love darts" full of hormones into its mate. Part of an unusual invertebrate family, the slug was found on leaves high up in the forest canopy. A giant insect, called Chan's megastick was another major discovery -- at 57cm long, it's believed to be the longest stick insect in the world.

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    Re: Ninja Slug Discovered in Borneo

    Ni cam nk buat iklan yang takder kaitan ngan fotografi. Ok, Ninja slug was discovered in Borneo. So what? Where's the picture? Wrong forum maybe?
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    Re: Ninja Slug Discovered in Borneo

    patutpong aku blur..
    promote link ..yg ntah apa2
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    nak beli barangan photography ?

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    Re: Ninja Slug Discovered in Borneo

    ini la dea contoh spam...biase kt forum2 ni..

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