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Thread: Coolest roach ever!!!

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    Coolest roach ever!!!

    I thought it was a beetle when I first saw it, even after I have photographed it. Only when viewing the images on a big screen that I realized it was more like a cockroach. Just look at the dark armored back. How cool is that? Gotta be the coolest cockroach I have ever seen! Found it at night in Gunung Gading Park, Sarawak, Borneo.

    Coolest cockroach ever...IMG_7304 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr

    Coolest cockroach ever...IMG_7301 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr

    Coolest cockroach ever...IMG_7297 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr

    Not focused on the eyes, just wanna show the cool armor back of this roach.

    Coolest cockroach ever...IMG_7295 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr

    Night macro:

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    Re: Coolest roach ever!!!

    it resembles Klingon forehead.. LOL

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