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Thread: Dogathon 2012 @ Bukit Expo UPM

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    Dogathon 2012 @ Bukit Expo UPM

    Hye guys. I wanted to share an annual event that accentuates the bonding between people and pooches which was held at Bukit Expo UPM. The event started as early as 7.00 AM where participants (and their dogs) gather around and registered for the event that they'll be participating in. The theme for this year was Howl-O-Ween, and the mascots dressed up as zombies, vampires, and witches. Various competition and games plus booths from local and oversea pet products were erected in conjunction with the event.

    The event was officially launched by Timbalan Naib Canselor UPM, after a brief and funny speech from him.

    The first and foremost game that kicked off was the Dog Race. There were 2 categories and both gathered a decent crowd of participants.

    Some of the photos taken during the midst of the event.

    The most crowd-gatherer event was Master Hunt, where the dogs must run through the obstacles in sequence and the fastest dog wins.

    That's all from me. Hope you guys enjoy the set

    P/S : Later on I conducted a photoshoot for the main mascot. You guys can see the overcooked not so pro editing result HERE.

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    Re: Dogathon 2012 @ Bukit Expo UPM

    gambar last tu cun aa.
    Shoot all the way because that's the way to shoot.

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    Re: Dogathon 2012 @ Bukit Expo UPM

    no #5 tu memang rangup!!! ....sedap mata memandang...xD

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    Re: Dogathon 2012 @ Bukit Expo UPM

    teringat masa student dulu. my friend mmg minat gila. dok promote program ni. mentang-2 la dia amik Vet... heheheheh

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