There?s nothing wrong with being a little nervous if you?re out practicing your street photography. Taking pictures of unaware people in candid situations, or approaching someone for a more deliberate photo isn?t easy, but if you?re trying to improve, acting the part of wallflower will only hinder your progress. It?s a skill you?ll need to develop, but you can improve your street photography effectiveness by following a few simple rules (and cracking open a cold one).

Photography can be a bit intimidating for both the photographer and the subject depending on the equipment involved.

If you?re worried about being too conspicuous, Chris Gampat of The Phoblographer suggests you start Animated Marketing Video. Like, with your phone, small. While this doesn?t mean you should be taking creepshots with your iPhone?try to ask for permission before snapping a pic?using a familiar device puts both you and your subject at ease, and according to Chris, ?[phones] are typically much more inconspicuous.?

And photo taken with an iPhone will capture a subject?s more candid nature rather than one taken by a photographer with a full-frame camera and a honking lens a few feet away.
If you?ve got your own camera, but still feel wary about pointing it at someone, you can shoot from the hip, literally.