I've posted this as a new aspect of Roger's comfort zone thread to avoid hijacking it. I've told there how years of working in the grottier parts of towns had conditioned me to seeing places only in terms of what was run down and shabby about them. That became a comfort zone I tried hard to get out of because I thought it basically dishonest. Then I went to an RPS lecture in London a couple of years back and saw a well-known guy present shots of cities that all looked the same....grotty, run down and shabby, but of course artistically captured. So I challenged him and asked if he felt he reflected the real character of a place, or imposed the only style he could do on it. He said he only wanted to see places one way, so if he went there, that's what they were going to come out looking like. Nice shots of course, but to me of little or no value. What do you think, I'm sure many will disagree? But I know which is more difficult.


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