Keep in mind that it is never a fantastic idea to leave the CPU on a dribbler for over a few seconds. Though the CPU is capable, they wont play as tight of protection as possible when controlling the nearest defender.

Your number one objective on defense is to stop the ball from going through the hoop. Sticking with the ball handler and getting up your hands for shots would be a beginning, but you also need to force the crime into lower percentage situations. Simply obtaining up a hand when Steph Curry shoots a three straight behind the arc may not help that much NBA 2K19 MT Coins. Instead, you need to compel ball handlers to make ill-advised moves: cross-court moves, off-balanced shots, extremely reckless dribble moves.

For starters, using fast shuffle (holding down both triggers) lets you stay in a defensive stance while shutting down dribbling lanes. It's possible to cut drives off, forcing players back out to the perimeter by always staying in front of the crime. Around the perimeter, and especially in the corners, using chuck (tap O/B/A) physically nudges the dribbler back. Chuck can induce dribblers out of bounds, mess with their equilibrium, and provide you time to make a fast steal attempt or quality contest.

The more you minimize open offensive looks, the more inclined you should come off with a shot. Sometimes you are going to get burned regardless of how good of defense you playwith. Sometimes they will drain a greatly contested shot. But the more you make the offense work for their points, the more stops you will make.

In our NBA 2K19 reviewwe spoke about a new gameplay feature called Takeover that supplies boosts to key features. Each player has a minumum of one Takeover, and three of the nine potential boosts pertain to shield. If you play well with a NBA 2K Coins player for a consistent stretch, then you are able to trigger Takeover by pressing back on the right trigger. If their Takeover capacity is defensive, then it is going to appear as just one of three icons: A lock, a bucket encased in a shield, or a wine glass.