Hi all,

This short video clip sums it up pretty good, and a lot of what Climatology is all about. This how they educate young people about the carbon-cult, in a fun and interesting way. The 'scientist', a well know celebrity quickly goes through the details, the presents a 'graphic' demonstration of the principals. Apparently, a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, from about 50 years ago, qualifies you as a climate scientist. Maybe he was given an honorary degree in Climate Science, because he was a TV star...

Was sort of wondering about the use of 'average', and what that really means. Since he claims a 4-8 degree increase be the end of the century. Seems to me, that average, could, in reality, be experienced in several different ways, and still give the same numbers. It could be basically the same temperature, most of the time, with some really hot periods occasionally. It could be spread more or less evenly. Could be just general, nice, warm weather, all year long, instead of brutal winters. Probably a dozen different ways to view what average could actually mean, over such a long time span.


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