That is all that gold is really used for in Neverwinter. So a player that has a companion that they like and has a mount that they like no longer requires gold for anything. Perhaps for purchasing potions but they drop from monsters in questing zones and also dungeons. In fact, they also come from in game activities like doing the hourly blessing to your chosen deity. Completing these weekly quests will reward players with currency for the given campaigns as well as Hero Medallions which can be exchanged for a variety of helpful items. These include Enchanting Stones, Marks of Potency, Rough Astral Diamonds, and Companion Upgrade Tokens. Completing the weekly quests will also unlock a Bonus Campaign which players can complete for more campaing-associated currencies.

There is no tab targeting that is common to most MMOs. This is reticule based targeting, charging in to combat, blocking, dodging, enraging, and generally a lot of fun. The action bar is small, meaning you only have to manage a handful of skills. This is usually true for all MMOs where you have 50 skills on action bars but only end up using 5 of them 95% of the time. Neverwinter fixes this, and I really like this about the game.

This is the real, worthwhile currency in the game. Having lots of astral Diamonds will open up a lot of different and better gear and items for you. Astral Diamonds are used for all of the major purchases in the game. Most character changes and gear tweaks are done through the use of astral diamonds. Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds with Professional Service Online, at is Security and Fast Delivery Guaranteed.

These costs are called an economic sink; a black hole of sorts where it is only purpose is to remove currency from the economy. The reason for removing currency from the economy is a simple supply and demand rule: too much supply will lower demand, which will lower the value of the supply. Removing some of the supply (a little at a time) will help maintain the value of the supply. The rarer the supply, the higher the demand, the more valuable the supply becomes. Economic sinks are designed and intended to maintain the value of currencies at a steady and sustainable level.

You will pay with Zen for best quality mounts, companions, bags, items with unique skins or services like name change, additional bank slots etc. You can exchange Zen for diamonds with other players in Astral Diamond Exchange panel accessible from quick menu. You can exchange your currencies with one of offered exchange rates or create your own offer.