Playing good defense in the NBA 2K MT series has always been harder than playing quality offense. On offense, you dictate the tempo and also make the first movement, but on defense, everything you do is a response to the opposing group. In NBA 2K20, defense is suitably balanced and opens the door to shutting down your opponent with increased efficacy. Nevertheless, you have to be on the prowl at all times and you can't take off possessions. If you find that you're fighting on the defensive end in NBA 2K20, these tips and tricks will get you on the path to becoming the ultimate shutdown defender.

In previous games, you could simply stay holding up on the trigger and hugged up with a combination of L2/LT alongside the ball handler. You stick up a hand to contest the shot, when they moved for the shooter. This meant if that is all you 27, that if you stuck close to your opponent, it had been hard to get an open look.

In 2K20, you need to manually contest shots, regardless of your defensive stance. We've discovered that watching a participant's feet helps. If you are familiar with stick controllers, you may even move the right stick up fast to contest a shot. Quite often, stick controls function better as your thumbs are on both sticks.

By default, the shooter competition controller is also for blocking. You may also get a hands on the ball if you are playing close defense. However, should you find yourself fouling shooters on a consistent basis, you might want to try out the contest that is perpendicular instead. If you move while utilizing the contest control, the left rod out of the shooter, you are going to go straight upward, which eliminates the prospect of blocking the shooter or fouling. The openness score alter for the shot doing so, lowering.

Besides shot contests, the one area of defense that has radically improved in NBA 2K20 are steals. Too often in earlier versions was attempt result stolen by a quality in a foul. Quite often, it simply didn't make sense. In 2K20, steal efforts are more effective. To slip, press Square (X Xbox One, Y on Switch), or, even if crowding the dribbler, quickly press down and release the ideal stick.

When should you attempt to steal, though? It takes practice to know what works and what does not, but generally speaking, you want to watch for chances in visitors or when the ball handler is becoming careless with dribble moves. Also the dribbler keeps exposing the ball without even doing something to protect it and if you're playing defense, you get a great opportunity AND how to buy mt nba 2k20.

Another method you can use against reckless dribblers is forcing turnovers via fouls. It is common to play human opponents that take delight in padding the stat traces of their best players. To accomplish this, they frequently end up playing with hero ball. This means they try to blow by defenders in scenarios. The problem with this strategy is that it is more difficult to get by defenders in general. So they wind up forcing it.