EA has released a new post, dubbed"Pitch Notes," that tells FIFA fans what they can expect from FIFA 2020 and beyond regarding gameplay changes. According to EA, it has been intently listening to fan comments since the launch of FIFA 20 Coins. Some of this feedback has been used to enhance FIFA 20, but the modifications made based on additional opinions will not be viewed until future installments.EA notes it is getting more feedback during the development procedure for FIFA 20 than before so that it does not have to wait until launching to incorporate feedback from gamers. This includes not play with the game early, but casual gamers, which ensures all sorts of players are represented.

Meanwhile, EA provided the following rundown of additional community request attributes and mechanics it's going to be tuning and prioritizing for FIFA 20. Many efforts are being made to create a better experience for most players in regards to AI Defending and AI Teammate movement/positioning/reactions, as it was continuously cited and asked by our players to the next version of FIFA.

Renewed Defending System the partitioning methods have been revived, with revised positioning and modification to the cadence and flow on the pitch. Guide defending will be highlighted and result in much more rewarding results for people who do so.Planned Tackling is a new system which favors manual handling by making certain that the defender that attempts the tackle does so in a favorable context to your group (such as regaining the ball or kicking the ball to a nearby teammate when tackling, by way of instance ).

Contain and Secondary Contain Effectiveness will be decreased, maintaining the placement of players/AI Teammates in a further distance and having a diminished reaction to directional fluctuations in the dribbler, infrequently resulting in an auto-tackle or an auto-block. This is likely to make manual defending not only more effective, but also more rewarding.Improved Jockey System will be implemented with much more precision and agility, rewarding players who decide to take control of their defenders.With these varied systems and mechanics, we hope that our players will feel a difference when it comes to AI Defending, that was a stage of community concern throughout FIFA 20.

The group has put a lot of effort into improving circumstances where a participant finds themselves in a simple 1v1 situation contrary to the Goalkeeper:1v1 Shooting Accuracy will be improved, leading to more shots on target and better consistency in simple situations within the box.Open Goal Situations will also be addressed, and will see players being rewarded for 1v1 scenarios and generating greater chances of scoring"simple goals" - as pointed out in several community cases.

Goalkeeper Reactions will also be tuned - especially against 1v1 situations - resulting in significantly less'superhuman' reactions, which Cheap FUT 20 Coins will humanize the goalkeepers moves and result in greater scoring opportunities for the attacker.Outside of the Foot Shot situations will be improved and should just happen for players with the Outside of the Foot trait.Shot Elevation/Power Tuning will allow for low powered shots to result in shots similar to Driven Shots, creating more consistency, also leading to better scoring opportunities.