So far as difficulty and complexity goes, Runescape isn't dragging it's feet by any way. The only"simplistic" part of the game with OSRS gold, is ancient game questing. Which makes me think if you did play it, you probably didn't even get beyond the first 20-30 hours of gameplay. (Btw maxing an account takes about 2000 hours, though that is largely in end-game grinding. Getting to mid-game takes hours. Later game 200 + hours, hard things. Thus, 20-30 hours is actually fuckin nothing in comparison to how enormous the game is.) ?

You are very MMOs buddy. WoW mythics is about the thing that's offered in ANY MMO, and it's not hard. And anyone can perform raids, stop acting like it's fucking hard, lol. I said maybe not a calendar year, a year, learn how to read. That is still extremely low. Let us judge how many people may try that content, by assessing attack level. There are now 94,964 accounts with 99 assault, AKA maxed. And being that assault is leveled later strength, so these are all people that are more than probably max-mains, AKA very capable of trying The Inferno. There's much bigger numbers than that, in the event that you just count 90+ that is sufficient for end-game content.

So in half a year, just 500 had completed it out of nearly max mains. That is an astronomically amount. (Btw, this is bookkeeping for max-mains trying it. Woox got it onto a 64 pure, therefore being flat 126 isn't required by any way. PvP games operate like that. Don't like it? Don't play with PvP. People figure out what is best because that is what wins games. It is called a meta every game has it. Bitching about it is about the reason why we will need to breath like bitching. And unlike many games, Runescape includes a significant amount of mechanics behind the PvP of it. And not only that, if you really watch PvP movies on runescape, you would know there is really a great deal of assembles and items which you can do.

Same for all types. And this is not even fucking getting into special fights, where you outline what gear you are fighting to buy RS gold. Karils into gmaul/Godsword is a popular one.