I enjoyed WoD over BFA, which states a lot.I believe the launch date is great. It seems to be around the same time as 8.3, which wow classic goldalso suggests that individuals will start to figure whether BFA is WoW Classic they want to play until the following expansion. Have a great chance to jump into classic and boost the numbers. Veteran players will probably be there, but blood is also important.

Just updated my profileand am grateful that my brother bought me a time card to my birthday as it means I have game time through July! I certainly agree that the crossover involving individuals looking forward to Classic and people who like the current sport enough to be dispersed likely won't be that huge, but it looks like just 3 sets of 24-48 hours "can our servers handle that much phasing" tests so I rather doubt that very many will be enticed to resub only for a chance at an extremely limited beta.

As for the release date, I wish it had been earlier but I'm just glad that it's occurring in any way. For me WoW Classic expired with WoD, and that I stop by to visit with its grave and try to remember the good times we shared.

Today it is going to be buy classic wow gold like communing with its own ghost, and speaking about new items that we never had the opportunity to before.I think time is perfect. There'll be people playing with BfA who are interested in Classic and a July launch would conflict with the Azshara raid and Mechagon mega-dungeon which should be coming out.

Players can be comfortably past that content by August and it is just good sense to not have Classic get in the way of this present patch (no matter whether there's a lot of whining at the moment.) So that potential issue not merely clears from the way but gives lots of time to place Beta feedback to good use so that the best product can be published.